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Behavioral Health

South Sunflower County Hospital is staffed by a Licensed Social Worker, who tailers both evaluation and treatment services for each individual patient. 

At South Sunflower County Hospital, we take a person-centered generalist approach in treatment to ensure that your treatment plan is adapted to best-fit your desires and personality style. Our team is experienced in a broad range of behavioral conditions, such as depression, anxiety, stress and anger management, child and adolescent mental health issues, and parenting and family challenges. We offer treatment to all age groups to include children as young as three, teens, adults, and seniors. 

Our goals are to help you and your family function well, be healthy, and work on your treatment goals in a comfortable and confidential setting. 

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Hours of Operation

Tuesday: 5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

For More Information

To schedule an appointment or request additional information on our Behavioral Health Program, please call Delta Primary Care at (662) 887-5530.


Delta Primary Care

110 East Baker Street

Suite B

Indianola, Mississippi 38751

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