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Visiting Hours and Guidelines


While visitors can help patients to heal, it is important for all of us to recognize the importance that rest and recuperation play in the patient’s healing process. We work hard to make sure patients and visitors have a pleasant experience in a quiet, secure and restful environment. Your help is requested in abiding by these rules. In accordance with federal regulations, South Sunflower County Hospital recognizes that all patients have visitation rights and are allowed to have a designated support person.  Patients will be informed of their rights, subject to his or her consent, to receive the visitors whom he or she designates, including but not limited to, a spouse, a domestic partner (including a same-sex domestic partner), another family member, or a friend. Patients shall have the right to withdraw or deny such consent at any time.  South Sunflower County Hospital will not restrict, limit, or otherwise deny visitation privileges on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability.  South Sunflower County Hospital reserves the right to limit visitation as deemed appropriate or as clinically necessary.  The following are examples where visitation may be limited: 

  • infection control issues

  • visitation may interfere with the care of other patients

  • the hospital is aware that there is an existing court order restricting contact 

  • visitors engage in disruptive, threatening, or violent behavior of any kind 

  • the patient is undergoing care interventions 

  • In the case of a pandemic event, such as widespread influenza, hospital visitation may be limited based on recommendations of the local county health department. 

  1. Hospital personnel may question visitors at any time to determine the need to be on the premises. 

  2. A visitor who is unruly or who ignores requests to stay in the designated areas may be asked to leave by hospital personnel. 

  3. Any visitor may be asked to leave at any time when deemed appropriate by hospital personnel. 

Visitation Hours and Guidelines

PLEASE NOTE:   With the increase in statewide COVID cases and how quickly we may need to respond to changes in these policies, visitor guidelines may be subject to change without notice.



  • All patient visitors must enter through the main lobby entrance of the hospital.

  • All visitors must have their temperature checked upon entrance of the facility. If a visitor has a temperature greater than 100.4, they will not be allowed to visit.

  • All visitors must “PASS” the screening questions prior to being allowed in patient care areas.

  • Each visitor will be given a yellow badge with the patient’s room number on it. These badges are to be always worn visibly while visiting and returned to the front desk upon leaving. If both badges for a patient are gone from the front desk, no other visitor will be allowed back until someone switches with them. 

  • Visitors must always wear their masks. They are to go directly to the patient’s room and remain in the room the entire time they plan to visit. If there is something a visitor needs, they are to utilize the nurse call light and not enter the hallway unless they are leaving. 

  • The front desk personnel will announce when visitation hours are ending. 

  • At any time, visitors to patients may be further restricted at the request of a physician, nurse, or patient. 


Inpatients: South Sunflower County Hospital will allow visitation for non-COVID patients at two set times during the day (8:00 am to 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm). During the set times, the non-COVID patients will be allowed to have a maximum of 2 visitors (12 years or older) in the room at a time. All visitors must be able to pass the screening check prior to entering patient care areas.

  • At this time, Positive COVID patients and patients admitted to the COVID unit will not be allowed visitors unless it is approved by the Infection Control Medical Director.

    • Positive COVID OB patients will be allowed one support person if they are laboring/delivery is imminent; the hospital will provide appropriate PPE. They must always remain in the patient’s room and wear a mask throughout the duration of the hospital stay—if they leave the building they will not be allowed to come back inside.

  • If a non-COVID patient requires an overnight guest, this will need to be approved by the Infection Control Medical Director or Infection Control Nurse. The overnight guest will complete a COVID signs/symptoms sheet, sign it, and it will be placed in the patient’s chart.

    • Minors must have one parent/guardian stay with them throughout the duration of their stay.

    • Negative COVID OB patients will be allowed one support person to stay overnight if they are laboring/delivery is imminent. This support person will be swabbed for COVID prior to being allowed to stay overnight.

      • If the support person is POSITIVE, they will not be allowed to come inside.

      • If the support person is NEGATIVE, they will be allowed to stay but must wear a mask throughout the duration of the hospital stay. If they must leave the building, they will only be allowed back in during the set visitation times.

Outpatients: Wound Care patients, Outpatient surgery, and OBs receiving ultrasounds will be allowed ONE support person/caregiver to be with them if needed.


  • All adult Emergency Room patients will be allowed ONE visitor/caregiver if the provider deems it necessary for the care/treatment of the patient. 

  • Pediatric Emergency Room patients must have one parent/guardian with them during the duration of the visit.

  • Emergency Room visitors are to enter through the Emergency Department on the north side of the hospital. 

  • Emergency Room visitor’s area to stay with the patient and not wander about the ER/hospital.

Spiritual and Pastoral Practices

Religious preference is determined at the time of admission for all in and out-patients treated at South Sunflower County Hospital. The hospital staff will support the spiritual needs of the patient regardless of the patient's beliefs or practices, respecting the patient's freedom of religion.


A chapel is provided in the hospital for use by any patient and their family, as well as for staff. The clergy of any denomination is encouraged to visit their patients in the hospital.


When situations are stressful, the staff is encouraged to ask patients and family if they would like the clergy notified. At the patient's request, we will obtain a member of the patients' clergy, whenever possible.


Any refusal of medical treatment, including but not limited to religious belief will be supported by the hospital staff.

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